Canidian Guest Visit to rcdsc office

Posted On: August 10, 2011

Mrs.Olga Gladkik , Educational  Director from Cody Internation institute St Francis Xavier University  visit to rcdsc on 21 March at 9am to Rcdsc office Baluwatar.Rcdsc all  Staff  Wel come to Mrs.


Olga Gladkik and Introduction with her And Director of Rcdsc Mr.Ram Adhar Kapar with Mrs.Olga  Discuess about Rcdsc Past activities and current activities .

Currently Rcdsc is going to open Radio Appan Mithila FM in Jaleshwor,Janakpur and we are supporting for Mithila Art which art by women of with out education but Rcdsc Promoting their art that we expect  they can live there daily life easily.

MRS. Olga is intrested for our Comminuty Fm that going to open  within a month. Mrs.Olga Gladkik  is proud  of Mr.Ram Adha Kapar that he Graduate from cody Internation Institue and Dedication to his work at Nepal  with Dalit people ,women and  for Rural Development